Product Trade name Supplier  Application
Emulsion (Polysol) Polysol AE-803
Polysol OLZ-6925
Polysol OLX-2554
Eternal Showa (Thailand)  
Electrodes (NEOLORD)   Daiso Engineering Electrodes for
Oxygen Gas Generation
Chlorine Gas Generation
Hydrogen Gas Generation
Drive axle   DIC (Korea) Forklift, etc. Forklift, etc.
Seedlac Seedlac ATE Maskati (Thailand) Confectionary glazes, Fruit, Vegetable Coating
Wood finishing and furniture polishing
Paint primers for undercoat, etc.
Shellac Lacglaze The Japan Shellac (Japan) Used as a film coating for Chocolate supplements, Gummy candies, Candies or Sugar confectinaries.
Glass fiber Roving Chongqing Polycomp International Corporation (China) Fiber - Reinforced Plastics (FRP)
Chopped strands Reinforcing materials for thermoplastics resins such as PP, PBT, PA, PC and thermosetting resins such as UP, VE and etc.
Cloth Laminated plates for electronics materials
Cloth for industrial materials such as tents, fireproof curtains, etc.
Yarn Glass cloth for electronics materials